A multidisciplinary approach.

The Advanced Athlete Academy (A3) has established itself as one of the top performance facilities in the Northwest. Our goal is to provide sport specific training that enables our athlete’s to maximize their individual potential. At A3 we blur the lines between the weight room and your field and/or court of play by integrating sport specific and position specific programming.

We utilize principles from multiple disciplines to train our athlete’s. Our methods are rooted from the Poliquin Principles, further developed through the APX methodology, resulting in a system that increases in lean body mass, improves speed, agility and quickness, reduces the risk of injury and provides athletes the means to maximize their individual potential. What sets A3 apart is our ability to greatly reduce the risk of injury and optimize performance.

A staple of our methodology is our focus on eccentric, uni-lateral based training. Controlling the tempo of each rep has a multitude of benefits, depending on the desired result of the phase or cycle. Performing 6 reps at a 5-2- X-1 tempo is significantly different than 6 reps at 3-0- X-0. Furthermore, training uni-laterally allows us to identify and eliminate weak links within the body. Uni-lateral training has been shown to increase stability, recruit more muscle fiber and recruit more high threshold motor units.

As a young athlete I always neglected properly warming up and stretching. Terms like mobility and recovery weren’t part of the training vernacular. At A3 we incorporate flexibility and mobility work into every circuit the athletes perform. This lends to our ability to reduce injury in our athlete’s. Additionally, we educate our athlete’s on how he or she should construct a nutrition plan that not only increases body composition but also aids in recovery.

"We teach movement first. The days of linear programming models are over. Athlete’s need multi-planar, multi-directional programming that incorporates flexibility training, mobility training, speed development, power development, sports nutrition and recovery methods."


-Brad Packer / Program Director & Founder

Dynamic speed and agility training.

Almost every athlete wants to become faster, quicker and more agile. Speed and agility training at A3 consists of much more than running through a “speed” ladder. While cone drills and ladders are good tools, developing true speed and agility requires a much more detailed and planned approach. Athletes are much better served learning how to run with proper technique, understanding how to accelerate and decelerate, developing strength in the posterior chain, developing core strength, etc.

Our speed and agility courses are built around 6-8 progressions. We start by learning basic sprint mechanics, arm swing, and acceleration posture. Over 8 weeks we progress to more complex agility drills and “live action drills” where the athletes apply skills and techniques learned over the course of the 8 weeks.

Team training model.

A3 has mastered a team training model that has been implemented with multiple high schools and clubs throughout the Northwest with tremendous success. Our teams have greatly reduced injury rates and increased on field/on court performance. We successfully integrate our methods and dramatically improve the culture of your program, creating an optimal training environment for your program.

  • George Fox University / Men's Basketball

  • Clark College / Men's Basketball

  • Kings Way Christian / All Sports

  • Union High School / All Sports

  • Skyview High School / All Sports

  • La Salle High School / All Sports

  • Hudson's Bay High School / All Sports

  • Hockinson High School / Football / Baseball

  • All-Star Basketball Academy (ABA)

  • Northwest Stars / Girls Basketball

  • Batbusters / Softball